Past Minicourses since 1992

Fall 1992
Raising the Curtain on the Classics: An Exploration of Greek Tragedy – Johanna Glazewski
A History of the American Presidency – Perry Leavell
Matisse and Les Fauves: The Wonder Years – Karen Spitzberg

Spring 1993
Fin de Siecle Vienna and the Birth of Modernity – John von der Heide
Men and Women in Recent Cinema – Wendy Kolmar
Congress: What’s Wrong and What’s Right – Philip Mundo
Beneath the Surface: Philosophical Questions – Johannes Morsink

Fall 1993
America in the Progressive Era: 1900 – 1920 – Perry Leavell
Bright Lights, Big City – The Literature of New York – Jaqueline Berke
The Reality Behind the Greek Myths – Johanna Glazewski
The Social History of American Jazz – John von der Heide

Spring 1994
Twentieth Century Short Fiction – Jill Fritz-Piggott
Confucianism an Taoism: Understanding the Chinese Mind – Mai Leung Thayer
Economic Issues of the Developing World – Fred Curtis
America in the Great Depression – Perry Leavell

Fall 1994
The Romantic Era in Music – Lydia Ledeen
Vodka and authority Under the Tsars and Commissars – Lori Citti
The Quest in Mythology and Folklore – Joan Chamberlain Engelsman
The State of the Language and the Language of the State – James Hala

Spring 1995
Genetics in Society – James J. Nagle
United States Foreign Policy: Approaching the Twenty-First Century – Douglas Simon
Hollywood’s Golden Years: 1930 – 1950 – Charles Wetzel
The Novels of Willa Cather – Merrill Skaggs

Fall 1995
The World of Italian Opera – Robert Butts
An Introduction to Islam – Christopher Taylor New Jersey at 350+
The Plays of Shakespeare – An Introduction – Frank Occhiogrosso
A Little Darwin, Then and Now – David Kohn

Spring 1996
American Identity: Then and Now – Perry Leavell
The Universe: What’s Really Out There – Patricia Boeshaar
Classical Theories of Justice in Today’s World – Johannes Morsink
Don Juan on Stage and Screen: The Making of a Myth – Elaine Bunn
Giuseppe Verdi, Master of Italian Opera – Robert Butts

Fall 1996
African and African-American Art – Philip M. Peek
A Tale of Two Cities: A History of New York and Newark – Kurt Piehler
The Poets of Tin Pan Alley: The Lyrics of the Great American Songwriters – Frank Occhiogrosso
Beyond Binoculars: The Natural History of New Jersey Birds – Jerald Dosch

Spring 1997
Giacomo Puccini: Final Bloom of Italian Opera – Robert Butts
Criminal Justice in America – Paul Wice
The Theatre of Conscience – Rosemary McLaughlin
Ancient Civilizations of the Aztecs and the Maya – Maria Masucci
Art Collections and the Politics of Culture: A Journey Through the Art Museums of Russia – Lori Citti

Fall 1997
English Poetry from Shakespeare to Auden – Frank Occhiogrosso
A Centennial Celebration: The Music of Johannes Brahms – Robert Butts
Vexing Issues in Biomedical Ethics – Donald Jones
The Vietnam Experience: A Retrospective – Douglas Simon

Spring 1998
The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach – Robert Butts
Religions of India – Karen Prentiss
Three Southern Writers – Merrill Skaggs
The Middle East Since 1800 – Christopher Taylor

Fall 1998
Masters of American Drama – Frank Occhiogrosso
The Meaning of Life in Ancient Greece – John Lenz
The Music of Mozart – Robert Butts
The World Wars and the Great Dictators: Europe 1914-1945 – Jonathan Rose

Spring 1999
The Music of Beethoven – Robert Butts
Mark Twain – Merrill Skaggs
Understanding Today’s Russia Through Its Past – Jason Merrill
DNA: Biotechnology for the 21st Century – Louise Temple
The Business of America – Perry Leavell

Fall 1999
China in Transition – Catherine Keyser
Russian Romanticism in Music – Robert Butts
The American Folk Song – Frank Occhiogrosso
The Short Story in 19th Century Russian Literature – Jason Merrill

Spring 2000
European Art from AD 1000-1500 – Loughran O’Connor
The Music of Tchaikovsky – Robert Butts
The Congress and The Presidency at the Turn of the Century – Philip Mundo
The World of Islam – Christopher Taylor (repeat)

Fall 2000
Abraham Lincoln in American Memory – William Rogers
Burghers, Sultans, and Courtesans: Commerce and Culture in the 17th Century – Barbara Tomlinson
Mendelssohn and Schumann: Music of German Romanticism – Robert Butts
The Poets of Broadway: Great Lyricists of the American Musical theater – Frank Occhiogrosso

Spring 2001
Four Challenges to the Idea of Human Rights – Johannes Morsink
The Story of the Symphony, Part I – Robert Butts
Willa Cather’s Gendered quartet in Five Parts – Merrill Skaggs
How Things Work: Physical Concepts in the World Around Us – Robert Fenstermacher
The Jewish Experience: An Introduction to Judaism  – Allan Nadler

Fall 2001
Adams to Arbus to Avedon: A Brief History of American Photography – Jim DelGiudice
The Story of the Symphony, Part II – Robert Butts
The Poets of Broadway: Great Lyricists of the American Musical Theater, Part II – Frank Occhiogrosso
European Art of the Nineteenth Century – Loughran O’Connor

Spring 2001
A Virtual Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – Barbara Tomlinson
The History of Britain: Victoria to Tony Blair – Jonathan Rose
The Classic Russian Novel – Jason Merrill
The Music of Giuseppe Verdi – Robert Butts
Political Islam – Christopher Taylor

Fall 2002
America in the Progressive Era – Perry Leavell
Opera Verismo: Puccini, Leoncavallo, and Mascagni – Robert Butts
The Great Broadway Musicals – Frank Occhiogrosso

Spring 2003
Drugs and Behavior – C. Robbin Timmmons
How to Read a Great Book – Merrill Skaggs
The History and Meaning of Abstract Painting – Mark Daniel Cohen  
Isms and Schisms: Music in the Early Twentieth Century – Robert Butts
A History of Zionism and the Birth of Modern Israel – Allan Nadler

June 2003
The Third Renaissance: The History of Modernism – Mark Daniel Cohen

Spring 2004
The Evolution of the Art Museum – Barbara Tomlinson
Music in the Modern Era – Robert Buttts
Exploring the Brain – Roger Knowles
Great American Musicals of the 1940s – Frank Occhiogrosso
Faces of Our Civil War – Charles Wetzel

June 2004
Tuesdays with Leonardo: The Artist, the Novel and the Code – Michael Christensen

Fall 2004
Sacred Fury: The Rise of Global fundamentalism – Charles Selengut
The Concerto II – Robert Butts
20th Century Irish and British Drama – Bernard McKenna
The Election of 2004: Who Will Win and Why? – Joseph Romance
Human Evolution – Tammy Windfelder

Spring 2005
The History of The Portrait – Barbara Tomlinson
Yeats and Joyce – Bernard McKenna
Public Works and Politics in Ancient Rome – John Muccigrosso
Bach and the Baroque – Robert Butts
Early Christianity – William Stroker

June 2005
Feminine Geographies: Women Artists and Writers of the Southwest – Elizabeth O’Brien
Sacred Fury: The Rise of Global Fundamentalism – Charles Selengut

Fall 2005
Six Who Shaped American Art – Barbara Tomlinson
The Hebrew Bible and the Religion of Ancient Israel – William Stroker
Great American Musicals of the 1950s – Frank Occhiogrosso
The Classical Era: Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven – Robert Butts

Spring 2006
Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War World – Douglas Simon
A Linguistic view of Language – James Hala
The Early Romantic Age in Music – Robert Butts
The Art of Late Antiquity – Alison Poe
Buddhism: The Path of Enlightenment – Karen Pechilis

Summer 2006
China in Transition – Catherine Keyser
The Spiritual Journey in Contemporary American Memoir and Fiction – Elizabeth O’Brien 
Popular Music in America – Robert Butts

Fall 2006
Global Challenges for the 21st Century – Douglas Simon
Exploring Alzheimer’s Disease – Roger Knowles
Classical Mythology- John Lenz
Late Romantic Passion in Music- Robert Butts
Goddesses, Madonnas and Whores – Barbara Tomlinson

Spring 2007 
African American Heritage Through the Arts – Philip Peek
Post Romanticism in Music: 1880-1920 – Robert Butts
Varieties of Early Christianity – William Stroker
Ancient Roman Art – Alison Poe
Preserving Our Historic Places – Janice Armstrong

Summer 2007
Middle East Politics – Carlos Yordan
The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach – Robert Butts

Fall 2007
The Art Collectors – Barbara Tomlinson 
International Relations of the Future – Douglas Simon
Musical Masterpieces – Robert Butts
Robber Barons and Reformers – Wyatt Evans
British Drama of the 20th Century – Brandon Fralix

Spring 2008
Brain, Mind, and Neuroethics – Graham Cousens
On The Edge: Avant-Garde Musical Masterpiece – Robert Butts
Shakespeare: All the Gifts of Nature – Gloria Rojas
Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages – Alison Poe
Terrorism in Global Perspective – Andrea Talentino and Carlos Yorda

Summer 2008
The Literature of the Harlem Renaissance – Geraldine Wright-Smith
A Brahms Sampler – Robert Butts

Fall 2008
The Power of Art – Barbara Tomlinson
Ten Photographs: Images that Changed Our world – Jim DelGiudice 
Great Poems of Walt Whitman – Merrill Skaggs
Wagner’s Ring Cycle: The Curse of Love and Power – Robert Butts
Secrets of Life: The History of Genetics in the 20th Century – Luis Campos

Spring 2009
Commerce and Culture in the 17th Century – Barbara Tomlinson
Green Economics for a Sustainable Environment – Fred Curtis
British Romantic Extremes: Poetry and Prose – Robert Ready
What Hath the Computer Wrought? – Steven Kass
The Evolution of Our Political Parties – Joseph Romance
Beethoven at Home – Robert Butts

Summer 2009
The Making of Modern Ireland – David Cowell
Leonard Bernstein – Robert Butts

Fall 2009
Painting Against the Grain – Barbara Tomlinson
Becoming “Paris” – Andre Benhaim
Victorians – Robert Ready
Chamber Music in the Romantic Era – Robert Butts
The Major Christian Celebrations – William Stroker
Woodrow Wilson – J. Perry Leavell

Spring 2010
Mozart and the Creation of Modern Opera  – Robert Butts
America and the World 2010 – Douglas Simon
Ancient Greek Art  – Alison Poe
American Stories  – Barbara Tomlinson
From Isolationism to Internationalism and  Containment – J. Perry Leavell

Summer 2010
Five Composers for the Cinema  –  Robert Butts
Waging Peace in Northern Ireland – David Cowell

Fall 2010
Small Details/Big Pictures – Barbara Tomlinson
The Culture of Japan  -Yasuko Grosjean
The Cold War – J. Perry Leavell
The Gnostic Gospels – William Stroker
The Music of Stephen Sondheim – Robert Butts

Spring 2011
The World of the Future – Douglas Simon
The Craft of Comedy – Jennifer Plants
Contemporary Poetry – Peggy Samuels
American Presidents and the Presidency I – J. Perry Leavell
Varieties of Early Christianity – William Stroker
Bel Canto Opera – Robert Butts

Summer 2011
Science of the Kitchen – James Roche
Music of the Cinema  –  Robert Butts
Changing Britain  –  David Cowell

Fall 2011
Art for the Masses – Barbara Tomlinson
China’s Rise to Superpower Status – Catherine Keyser
The American Presidency from the Civil War to World War II – Perry Leavell
Beethoven’s Symphonies and Concertos – Robert Butts
The Geologic History of New Jersey – Don Monteverde
Classical Greek and Hellenistic Art – Alison Poe

Spring 2012
Russian Musical Genius: Despite Stalin – Robert Butts
The English Sonnet – Frank Occhiogrosso
The Power of the American Presidency, 1945 to the Present – Perry Leavell
Biomedical Ethics – Darrel Cole
History, Society, and Memory in Great French Novels – Andre Benhaim
The Religions of Ancient Israel – William Stroker

Summer 2012
Music of the Cinema II – Robert Butts
The Emergence of Modern Turkey  – David Cowell

Fall 2012
The World of Islam – Christopher Taylor
The Renaissance Reconsidered – Barbara Tomlinson
A Brief History of Business in America – Perry Leavell
Irish Poets and Playwrights since 1900 – Christine Kinealy
Political Psychology and the 2012 Presidential Election – G. Scott Morgan
Romanticism, Revolution, Realism: The Operas of Giuseppe Verdi – Robert Butts

Spring 2013
Musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein – Frank Occhiogrosso
Changing Nature of National Security – Douglas Simon
The Operas of Giacomo Puccini – Robert Butts
Five Weeks in Philadelphia – Barbara Tomlinson
America in the Progressive Era –  Perry Leavell
The Gnostic Gospels — William Stroker

Summer 2013
Great Film Scores III – Robert Butts
The Art of Medieval Europe  –  Alison Poe

Fall 2013
Causes and Aftermath of the Great Recession – Marc Tomljanovich
New Jersey at 350:  A Survey of New Jersey’s History  – David Cowell
A Brief History of American Photography  – James DelGiudice
Religion and Social Ethics  – Darrell Cole
Music in the Twentieth Century: Between the Wars  – Robert Butts
America in the Twenties and Thirties  – J. Perry Leavell

Spring 2014
Artists Who Happen to be Women – Barbara Tomlinson
Music in the Twentieth Century: Between the Wars, Part II – Robert Butts
Non-State Actors Shaping the International System  – Doug Simon
The Poets of Tin Pan Alley – Frank Occhiogrosso
America in the Forties and Fifties – J. Perry Leavell
The Hebrew Bible and the Religion of Ancient Israel – William Stroker

Summer 2014
New Jersey at 350 – David Cowell
Great Film Scores !V  –  Robert Butts

Fall 2014
Churchill: His Britain, His World – Jonathan Rose
Music in the 1940s – Robert Butts
Egypt Rising: The Making of Modern Egypt – David Cowell

Spring 2015
How a Linguist Looks at English –  James Hala
Music in the Fifties – Robert Butts
America in the Sixties – J. Perry Leavell
Five Great Challenges for Philosophy – Erik Anderson
Shakespeare: An Introduction – Frank Occhiogrosso
The Art of the Italian Renaissance –  Roberto Osti

Summer 2015
The Middle East in the New Millennium – Jonathan Golden
Go for Baroque – Robert Butts

Fall 2015
The Mind-Body Problem – Anderson
Topics in Amer. History – Leavell
Music in the 1890s – Butts
Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey – Lenz
Rome – Hamilton
What’s going On in Europe? – Cowell

Spring 2016
Art Museums of Washington – Tomlinson
The Self and the Illusion of Self – Anderson
Introduction to Poetry – Occhiogrosso
Key Issues for American Foreign Policy – Simon
Music in the Modern Era 1900-1920 – Butts
From  Famine to Freedom – Mullan

Summer 2016
Five Centuries of NJ Architecture  –  Foster
East Meets West  –  Golden
Great Film Scores V – Butts

Fall 2016
Music of the 1960s  – Butts
Waging Peace – Cowell
Greek Tragedy and Comedy – Lenz
Five Social Theorists – Reader

Spring 2017
In Search of a Visual Language – DelGiudice
Great Art Exhibitions – Tomlinson
Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art – Anderson
Va Pensiero: the Operas of Verdi – Butts
The Politics of Ireland  –  Cowell
The 60s and the Vietnam War –  Carter

Summer 2017
Morris County, USA: A Living Tapestry – DelGiudice
Leonard Bernstein and American Music – Butts
Globalization, Migration and the Refugee Crisis – Goldman

Fall 2017
A New Era for American Foreign Policy  – Douglas Simon
Challenges to Democracy in America – J. Perry Leavell
New Jersey at 350+ – David Cowell
The Operas of Giacomo Puccini – Robert Butts

Spring 2018
The Great War and Modern Memory – William Rogers
Natural Beauty and the Appreciation of Natural Environments  –  Erik Anderson
Exploring Beethoven  – Robert Butts
Great Leaders and Political Ideas from Ancient Greece and Rome  –  John Lenz
Music from the Films of Alfred Hitchcock  –  Robert Butt
Using Poetry as Access to the Universal – Sean Nevin

Summer 2018
Looking and Thinking Outside the Box – Barbara Tomlinson
Musicals on Film – Robert Butts
The Reformation at 500 – David Cowell

Fall 2018
New Jersey Forests: Diversity, Ecology and Challenges – Sara Webb
Mozart: The Creativity of Genius – Robert Butts
Memory and the Brain – Graham Cousens
Romantic Poetry-British Romantic Extremes – Robert Ready

Winter/Spring 2019
Art That Can Take Your Breath Away — Dr. Barbara Tomlinson
How Things Work–Physical Concepts in Our Daily World — Dr. Robert Fenstermacher
Romanticism and Modernism: The Story of Russian Composition from Glinka to Shostakovich — Dr. Robert Butts
The World Wars and the Great Dictators: Europe 1914-1945 — Dr. Jonathan Rose
Franklin Roosevelt and American Democracy: 1933-1945 — Dr. Perry Leavell
Tchaikovsky: Russia’s Greatest Composer — Dr. Robert Butts

Summer 2019
Utopias in History and Literature — Dr. John Lenz
Musicals on Film: Part II — Dr. Robert Butts
Short, but not Small: Notable American Short Fiction from Jack London to Lucia Berlin — Laura Driver

Fall 2019
Nice Presidents Finish Last: The Evolution of Presidential Power — Dr. Dan Cassino
Alienation and Civic Culture in America and Europe:  From Kennedy Campaigning to 2020 — Dr. David Cowell
Supreme Court of the United States: ‘Top Ten’ Cases You Need to Know and Understand —  Dr. Bruce Peabody
Music in America —  Dr. Robert Butts
Slavery and the Founding Fathers — Dr. Nicole Yanoso

Winter 2020
The World of Exhibitions – Dr. Barbara Tomlinson
Religious Pluralism in America – Dr. Jonathan Golden

The United Nations in a Changing World – Dr Carlos Yordan
How Things Work II – More Physical Concepts in Our Daily World – Dr. Robert Fenstermacher

Summer 2020
The Story of the Symphony (virtual) – Dr. Robert Butts

Fall 2020
Gothic Art (virtual) – Dr. Rita Keane

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