Current Year Minicourses

Spring 2018
The Great War and Modern Memory – William Rogers
Natural Beauty and the Appreciation of Natural Environments  –  Erik Anderson
Exploring Beethoven  – Robert Butts
Great Leaders and Political Ideas from Ancient Greece and Rome  –  John Lenz
Music from the Films of Alfred Hitchcock  –  Robert Butt
Using Poetry as Access to the Universal – Sean Nevin

Summer 2018
Looking and Thinking Outside the Box – Barbara Tomlinson
Musicals on Film – Robert Butts
The Reformation at 500 – David Cowell

Fall 2018
New Jersey Forests: Diversity, Ecology and Challenges – Sara Webb
Mozart: The Creativity of Genius – Robert Butts
Memory and the Brain – Graham Cousens
Romantic Poetry-British Romantic Extremes – Robert Ready




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