Current Year Minicourses

Winter/Spring 2019

Art That Can Take Your Breath Away — Dr. Barbara Tomlinson
How Things Work–Physical Concepts in Our Daily World — Dr. Robert Fenstermacher
Romanticism and Modernism: The Story of Russian Composition from Glinka to Shostakovich — Dr. Robert Butts
The World Wars and the Great Dictators: Europe 1914-1945 — Dr. Jonathan Rose
Franklin Roosevelt and American Democracy: 1933-1945 — Dr. Perry Leavell
Tchaikovsky: Russia’s Greatest Composer — Dr. Robert Butts

Summer 2019

Utopias in History and Literature — Dr. John Lenz
Musicals on Film: Part II — Dr. Robert Butts
Short, but not Small: Notable American Short Fiction from Jack London to Lucia Berlin — Laura Driver

Fall 2019

Nice Presidents Finish Last: The Evolution of Presidential Power — Dr. Dan Cassino
Alienation and Civic Culture in America and Europe:  From Kennedy Campaigning to 2020 — Dr. David Cowell
Supreme Court of the United States: ‘Top Ten’ Cases You Need to Know and Understand —  Dr. Bruce Peabody
Music in America —  Dr. Robert Butts
Slavery and the Founding Fathers — Dr. Nicole Yanoso

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