New Exhibition Strategies in Art Museums: The Frick Collection, MoMA and British Museum

“New Exhibition Strategies in Art Museums: The Frick Collection, MoMA and British Museum” by Dr. Barbara Tomlinson, Professor Emerita, Kean University

1 ½ hours, 5 Monday afternoons 1:30-3:00 pm, January 24, 31, February 7, 14, and 21, 2022

Many museums are seriously rethinking their exhibition strategies. These sessions will examine how the Frick, MoMA and the British Museum are reaching out to a wider audience. The final session is a mid-winter comic treat.

Session 1- Seeing the Frick Collection with New Eyes: While the Frick mansion is being enlarged, the collection is on exhibit in the Breuer Building on Madison Avenue. This has given curators the opportunity to rehang the collection in new and exciting ways. Come on this virtual tour and then see it in real life.

Session 2– MoMA has not only enlarged its building but has also rethought its whole exhibition philosophy. This session will describe the “new” philosophy” and explain why your old favorites are no longer where you thought they were.

Sessions 3 and 4- The history of the World in Objects:  The British Museum has selected 100 objects to illustrate the history of the world. We can’t look at all 100 but a select few will give a taste of this extraordinary exhibition.

Session 5- Few cartoonists can also be considered serious creative artists.  Roz Chast is one of those few. Come sample her work and decide for yourself whether she deserves the title “fine artist.”

Dr. Barbara Tomlinson is Professor Emerita at Kean University.  She obtained her BA, cum laude, from Barnard College, New York City, a MA in teaching from Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., and PhD in American and Women’s History from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. She teaches cultural history in various continuing education programs around the state. Her classes provide the student with a historical perspective on the economic, social, and political dynamics of the artist’s era. In addition to providing insight and a critical understanding of a particular work of art and artist, she entertains her classes with her quick wit and humorous stories.

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